Membership Requirements

Approved by the Gang of Five on April 2, 2007

Members must have at least seven years of experience in the tax field.

There is no limit on the number of members from a firm. The emphasis is on quality and experience.

After attending at least one meeting, a prospective member is proposed by a current member, who applies to the President or Secretary-Treasurer, who submits the application to the Gang of Five.

Most members are with law or accounting firms, but the membership also includes sole practitioners and academics. Membership may continue after retirement.

Professionals working in industry may become members if they have unique experience or they were members before joining industry. Government employees are not permitted to be members, unless approved by the Gang of Five.

Members are required to make presentations from time to time, expected to be once every five years. Officers are not expected to make presentations until five years after the end of their term. Presentations may be made by non-members, including visiting professors and government officials. Written material is expected. PowerPoint presentations are permitted.