2014 Programs


An Update From the Franchise Tax Board’s Taxpayer Advocate
(Steve Sims, EA, CA FTB Taxpayers Rights Advocate – January 9) (2013 TPBOR Advocate Address)

Current State of Valuation Discounts
(Thomas C. Berg, Jr., CFA, ASA, AVA, FMV Opinions, Inc. – February 13)

The OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project: Will the Arm’s Length Standard Survive?
(Walter Kolligs, Vice President and Head of International Tax, Visa Inc. – March 13)
OECD BEPS – Calendar for stakeholder input OECD BEPS – Action Plan

Individual International Tax Compliance
Reporting Requirements Form 8938 or FinCEN Form 110 Article on Failure to Report
(Steven L. Walker, WalkerLAW – April 10)

Overview of U.S. Tax Treaties (It’s All Greek to Me)
Using the Greek US Tax Treaty as an exemplar to Understanding the Tax Treaty Treatment
(Andrew Dimitriou – May 9)

U.S. Individual International Tax, Compliance, Enforcement & Tax Crimes
(Martin A. Schainbaum & Steven. L. Walker – June 12) Handout

The Taxation of Structures for Partnership, LLC & S Corporation Acquisitions
(Alejandro (Alex) Ruiz – September 11)

Changes to San Francisco Business Registration Fees
(Greg Kato – October 9)

Happy Tenth Anniversary 409A!