2007 Programs


California Classification of Legal Entities in Combined Reporting Groups
(James Goeller – January 11)

Pension Protection Act of 2006 – Charitable Provisions
(Jill Dodd & Jeff Nguyen – February 8)

409A Updates
(Edward Burmeister – March 8)

Tax Shelter Updates & IRS Initiatives in International
(Paul R. Zamolo & Laurel Robinson – April 12)

S Corp Issues and Attorney Fee Reimbursement
(Don Feurzeig – May 10)

Preserving NOLs of Start-up Companies After a 382 Change of Ownership
(Mike Beckius – June 14)

“The Brouhaha over Carried Interests.”
(George Ashman – October 11)

AMT Issues and Proposals
(Prof. Daniel Lathrope – September 13)

“The Prosecution and Defense of Criminal and Civil Tax Cases — How and When Voluntary Compliance can lessen the Potential Tax Bill and Avoid Jail.”
(Jay Weill – November 8)